Collective Quarterly Issue 6: Mojave

Collective Quarterly

What if who we are is every person we meet, every experience we have, and every place we go?

Collective Quarterly tells true stories to people who delight in the uncommon. They are media and publishing company dedicated to documenting the life and work of those living purposefully. We’re constantly putting ourselves in the way of great things. Every choice we make centers around being able to experience more, go deeper, and communicate more clearly.

Whether employing words, photographs, or film, The Collectiveadheres to the most basic rule of reporting: always go. 

Issue 6: Mojave

“There is a breed of desert men, not hiding exactly but gone to sanctuary from the sins of confusion,” John Steinbeck wrote in Travels With Charley. “These men have not changed with the exploding times except to die and be replaced by others like them.”

They are keepers of secrets, of passed-down tales concerning the wonders of the desert. These fables abound: varying accounts about a pair of prospectors who discovered untold riches deep in the hills but died or lost their treasures before returning to civilization. Vague directions to sand-covered ruins left behind by Ancient Peoples. Rumors of a Spanish galleon beached by some great flood. And of course, the fervent reports of UFOs.

In this issue, you’ll visit the decaying resort towns around the putrid Salton Sea, explore the Mojave’s dubious reputation as a good place to hide a body, and go hunting for unused swimming pools that are perfect for skateboarding.

Measures: 21x27x1.5cm

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