Les Others Magazine Vol. IV

Les Others

The content in Les Others is oriented around three main axes: travel, food & style. These inspiring stories, sincerely told by their protagonists and accompanied by photos and illustrations, take you every morning for a walk on the most beautiful glaciers in Nepal, a lovely hit-the-road in Scandinavia or a delicious gyosas preparation in a Japanese kitchen. 

Les Others incorporates travel notebooks, photo series, essays, & interviews to introduce new ideas, people, and places. Published in France, this is a bilingual text.

Vol IV: The Collective Issue

Every day, planet Earth's seven billion inhabitants gather together by passion, belief or affinity to push their personal boundaries together or to give meaning to their lives. It is the power and beauty of these unions that we wanted to celebrate in this volume, The Collective Issue.

Through these pages, self-help will be discussed, love and friendship, but also the wonderful collaborations that aim to protect the environment - like companies and associations that work hand in hand To preserve the valley of the Mont-Blanc - to preserve the cultures and rituals of the Mursis, the Rautes and the riders of the Semonkong or to develop the creativity of each one, as detailed in detail Joel Flory, co-founder of VSCO.

Measures: 21x27x1cm

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