Pack of 3 Word Notebooks in Dot Grid

Word Notebooks

None of us always stay within the lines. We sketch. We draw. We design. That’s why, for the latest edition of Word. Notebooks, they’ve ditched the classic bullet point system and created their first pocket notebook specifically for artists. This is Dot Grid. 

Not only is each 48-page Dot Grid notebook ready to be filled with sketches, mockups, and designs, but the cover keeps the same pattern so you can customize the front and back of each one you use. In place of the note-taking tips normally found in the back, they added a 5” ruler for projects that take you off the page. Since inspiration can strike at any time, keep a Dot Grid notebook with you.

- Made in the USA
- 48 pages
- 5mm spaced dot grid pattern
- Acid free paper
- Sold in packs of 3

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