Pack of 3 Word Notebooks by Matt Moore

Word Notebooks

When Word. Notebooks launched about four years ago, they had the idea of styling each of their pocket notebooks to match movements and trends they liked. From unique military camos to Japanese indigos, they’ve pretty much done just that. With the launch of The Artist Series, it’s time to change things up.

For this collection, Word collaborated with some of their favourite visual artists to craft a series of notebooks that are fresh, diverse, and unlike any they’ve done before. The designers have amassed massive followings thanks to their original and individual art, and they're excited to bring it to your daily note-taking ritual.

This notebook features exclusive artwork from Matt W. Moore, a graphic artist whose background in graffiti and action board sports is infused in everything he does.

Each notebook is made in the USA and includes a unique bullet point system to keep your notes organized.

- Contains 3 notebooks in the same color
- 48 pages, lined
- 3.5" x 5.5"
- Made in the USA
- Artwork exclusive to Word.

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