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Vintage National Geographic
June 03, 2014


Some of our favourite shots from the archives of National Geographic.



Elvis in the Army
May 13, 2014

 At the age of 18, like all young American men of the time, Elvis was required to register for the U.S. Selective Service System.  He would go on to finish high school and begin what would soon become his illustrious career as an entertainer before he was eventually chosen for active duty in January, 1957.

Moving Sale
January 02, 2014
Happy New Year!  

In case you didn't know, our days left in Parkdale are numbered.  We'll be moving to 928 Queen St W (at Shaw) as of February 1, 2014
Archives: American Girl by Ruth Orkin
September 06, 2013

Ruth Orkin has become most famous for her photograph American Girl in Italy (the first in the American Girl series). The unstaged photo depicts Orkin's young room mate, Jinx Allen walking down the street in Florence. The photo has come to stand as a symbol for the way in which women experience public space.