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STYLE ICON: Uschi Obermaier

Embracing Freedom & the Spirit of 1960s - 1970s

In the 1960s and 1970s, when activism, rebellion, and freedom went hand in hand, one name stood out as a symbol of the counterculture movement: Uschi Obermaier. An activist, actress, and model, Uschi captivated the masses with her fearless spirit and rock-n-roll-bohemian vibe. Here we'll delve into the life and influence of Uschi Obermaier, an iconic figure who left a lasting impact on popular culture.


Uschi Obermaier


Uschi Obermaier (aka Chrissi Malberg) was born just outside of Munich, Germany, in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II. As a youth, she found work as a photo restoration apprentice; however, it wasn't long before she left that behind to pursue a modelling career. It was during this time that Twen magazine put her on the map, propelling her to international fame as a sought-after top model. Obermaier was the first model to dawn full frontal nudity on a magazine cover in June 1969 and became a prominent figure of the sexual revolution.



While still in Munich, Obermaier joined Amon Düül, a commune/band where she met Rainer Langhans — a visionary at the helm of the German youth counterculture movement. Their relationship led Uschi to follow him to Berlin, where she embraced the radical spirit of Kommune 1, Germany's first politically motivated commune. Alongside her considerable notoriety as a model, Uschi Obermaier became known as a political agitator, establishing a reputation that went far beyond the glossy pages of fashion.


Rainer Langhans (left), co-founder of Kommune 1 & Uschi Obermaier, German Actress. Munich, 1969.


Her magnetic presence and free-spirited nature caught the attention of many influential figures — even John Lennon and Yoko Ono were moved by her credo of free love. Obermaier had affairs with renowned artists and musicians, such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Jimi Hendrix. These connections not only cemented her status as a cultural icon, but also contributed to the intertwining of fashion, music, and counterculture.


Uschi Obermaier: Get the Look

Uschi's style is blend of femininity and strength, a true embodiment of the era she thrived in. Even in her most elevated looks, there is an undeniable air of power that radiates from her. Obermaier‘s more casual outfits fuse the rebellious spirit of the 60s and 70s counterculture with her grassroots political activism. We’re talking fringe, denim, mini dresses, army jackets — a total melting pot of the times.



If you're looking to capture the essence of her style, check out the Uschi Obermaier collection, featuring core pieces to help you nail her iconic aesthetic.

And here are some surefire ideas to help you pull it together:

1. Borrow From the Boys

Don't be afraid to add an androgynous component to your look. Think singlets, button-up shirts, grungy t-shirts, and army jackets as key pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. By borrowing from traditionally masculine styles, you can create a look that blurs gender boundaries and exudes confidence. Experiment with layering, mixing feminine and masculine elements to strike the perfect balance. It's all about challenging the norms and celebrating the freedom of self-expression.


2. Nail the Basics

Never underestimate subdued pieces - build your Uschi-inspired look on well-executed, quality basics. Opt for straight-leg jeans, classic turtlenecks, or a simple yet stylish mini dress. When chosen with care and attention to fit, these core pieces become the foundation of your whole ensemble. Uschi’s ability to elevate simplicity into something with staying power reminds us that mastering the basics and infusing them with personal flair results in timeless style statements.


3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Eccentric

Embodying Uschi's style means embracing the eccentric and pushing the boundaries of what’s expected. Whether it's a garment with a wild pattern, an over-the-top accessory, or a statement piece that demands attention, don't be afraid to take the plunge. Pairing these standout items with your well-curated basics creates a harmonious balance that allows you to shine with confidence and individuality.



Remember, Uschi Obermaier's style is about embracing the unexpected, celebrating self-expression, and fearlessly pushing boundaries. So, channel your inner bohemian rebel, mix and match, experiment with textures and patterns, and above all, have fun as you emulate the magnetism of this iconic fashion muse.

Please enjoy this selection of photographs for some extra style inspiration.


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