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Tews Falls

Tews Falls

November 25, 2015

Recently, our friend and photographer, Anielika Sykes visited Tews Falls in Hamilton and shot some of our favourite men's Brixton, Publish and Penfield styles.

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The Art of the French Postcard

October 28, 2015

In the 1920s, pornography of any kind was completely illegal, though tame by today’s standards, ‘candid’ images of women hinting at what exists behind their undergarments was absolutely erotic. Men (mainly) would trade postcards with scantily clad women on them, most of the cards were made in France and shipped overseas, hence became known as French Postcards.

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Russia's Photo-Archivist, Prokudin-Gorsky

October 21, 2015

Gorsky was given a commission to travel across Russia and document her glory. The project would take 10 years and compromise 10,000 photos, Gorsky considered this his life's work and continued up to the revolution, at which point he was forced to emigrate.

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Concrete Study by Kate Jackling

October 19, 2015

Her personal series Concrete draws attention to weight, shape, and fibre. The simple set made up of concrete shapes and fabric challenges the human interpretation of space and image.

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What Remains of Grossinger's Resort, Catskills, NY

October 12, 2015

The decline of the Borscht Belt coincided with the decline of blatant racial discrimination, and the democratization of air travel, once only reserved for the wealthiest Americans. Now exotic and distant destinations were only a flight away, and a lavish local resort looked old fashioned in comparison.


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Pantone Smoothies by Astrom Kucher

October 05, 2015

Astrom Kucher is the Swedish born creative behind Pantone Smoothies. Each story has three parts, the ingredients, the smoothie shot, and the Pantone swatch.

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Skymetric by Lino Russo

September 28, 2015

Lino Russo explores Naples and surrounding area through the lens of Skymetrics.

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Still Life Shots by Lisa Shin

September 12, 2015

Lisa Shin is a digital still life photographer who places a special emphasis on that ‘impossible to get shot’

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Architect Luis Barragán

September 10, 2015

What makes the work of Barragán so unique is his distinctly Mexican interpretation of modernism. His striking palette, incorporation of the natural landscape and use of raw materials all pay homage to the splendor of Mexico.

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Insult Cakes by Stephanie Gonot

September 08, 2015

Gonot plays with colour, all of her shots have a bright pallet, and a playful eccentricity. Her series, Insult Cakes is a perfect example of the humour she brings to her craft.

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Wild Horses of Sable Island

August 31, 2015

The wild horses that inhabit the island have always been a source of great interest, photos of these mystical equines were first published in 1898 by Arthur Williams McCurdy for National Geographic. Originally, they likely descended from horses confiscated from the Acadian population during the Great Expulsion, left on the island in order to be contained.


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My Things by Hong Hao

August 27, 2015

My Things is meant to be a consideration of consumer culture and how the act of consumerism informs on the fabric of our lives.

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