Crystal Pendant


Natural raw crystal pendant on a nickel-free, 14k white gold plates rope chain.  Made in Toronto, Canada.

  • CLEAR QUARZ is also known as "rock crystal", it comes in a variety of cloudiness, often with a milky base. This is the most common crystal on earth, it is a power stone known to harmonize and balance.
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ is transparent smokey brown to dark grey. It is a grounding stone dissipating emotional and environmental negativity.
  • CITRINE QUARTZ is transparent yellow to dark brown. Known as the sun stone it supports creativity and invites prosperity.
  • BLUE TITANIUM QUARTZ this is achieved by taking raw blue quartz and adding a metal coating. This stone is known to increase awareness and relieving stress.
  • ROSE QUARTZ is light pink in hue and comes in a variety of opaqueness. It is a love stone, and helps to restore confidence and balance emotions.

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