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Architect Luis Barragán

Luis Barragán (1902-1988) was born and schooled in Guadalajara, Mexico. An apt pupil, Barragán achieved his Engineering and Architecture degrees concurrently at Escuela Libre de Ingenieros. His work immediately after graduation as an architect was relatively unremarkable, and surprisingly traditional given the change in his work after his early 1930s trip to Paris. There Barragán was exposed to the modernist movement, and more specifically, The International Style.

Upon returning to his native Mexico, Barragán worked in briefly in his hometown of Guadalajara, then moved to Mexico City during the height of his popularity, but returned home towards his later years. What makes the work of Barragán so unique is his distinctly Mexican interpretation of modernism. His striking palette, incorporation of the natural landscape and use of raw materials all pay homage to the splendor of Mexic

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