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STYLE ICON: Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale was born to Sicilian immigrants in Tunis, French Tunisia, she grew up speaking not only French, but Tunisian Arabic, as well as her parents native Sicilian, it was only later after working in film did she begin to learn Italian. Her career began when she was literally 'plucked from obscurity' as the winner of the Italian embassy's 'Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia' contest, this resulted in her attending the Venice Film Festival where she caught the attention of the Italian film industry. Early in her career, Cardinale was even speaking her own dialogue, it took a few years for her to get her Italian accent to the level that was necessary for her to do her own dubbing. However, it was once the world heard her naturally deep, sultry, & hoarse voice, and the way it contrasted her petite, feminine appearance, that ultimately became her trademark.

Cardinale was never interested in leaving her native Europe for extended periods of time, and for that reason her American film resume is somewhat limited, but that hasn't stopped her from crossing boarders with her work in regards to women's and gay rights. Claudia has been honoured multiple times by UN, and her work has now branched out to include advocating for global access to clean water. 

Cardinale is particularly proud of her Tunisian-Arabic heritage, writing books, and acting in films that give voice to the culture.

 Here we celebrate Claudia for her unique style and beauty.





















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