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Rainbow Paper Series by Machineast

September 02, 2015

Rainbow Papers Series is a brief series of 4 pictures, developed by design directing duo Fizah Rahim and Rezaliando, who together go by Machineast. They focus on rich visual design and aesthetics for 3D illustration, typography, and design.

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Inspiration: Wall Hangings

August 29, 2015

In the modern regeneration of wall art, the ancient tapestry has been supplanted in favour of the rougher, rawer look of a single panel that incorporates various yarn textures, widths, fibre contents, and even medias (wood, metal, etc.).

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Feline & Fauna by, Stephen Eichhorn

August 20, 2013

These cat collages are the work of Stephen Eichhorn, a Chicago-based artist. He culls the background imagery from cat books, both vintage and modern, that specialize in a certain brand of portraiture.

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Simple Line Illustrations by Lan Truong

July 05, 2013

Truong's work focuses on the simplicity of lines and geometry, re-envisioning our everyday surroundings to focus more on their geometric composition. Here's a selection of her work we hope you'll enjoy.

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